Actress/Producer Jenae Altschwager & Producer Jamee Natella

janea jamee 01We continue out series from the Sundance Film Festival with two women who are helping break the glass ceiling in Hollywood.

Actress and Producer Jenae Altschwager has appeared in “The Longest Yard”, “Click”, “Fast and Furious 4”, “A Dark Day’s Night”, “Spread”, “3 Days Gone”, and “Poseidon.”  She has branched out into filmmaking with the short film “The Ladies Room” and the feature film “Officer Down” starring Stephen Dorf.

She was at Sundance to help promote Jennifer Lopez’s movie “Lily and Eve”.

We talk to her about her transition to filmmaking and her upcoming projects.

Our other interview is with a veteran in television and film producing Jamee Natella. Her production company, Blueyed Pictures, has produced some of the best Super Bowl commercials for car companies and have branched out into feature films in “Chilly Christmas” and “Opposite Day”. She has several major productions in the works.

We will talk to her about working internationally, and thinking globally when it comes to creating media.

Listen to the interview here

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