Seth Green – Skate or Die

Remember the 80’s where the roller rink was thee place to go if you were a teenager. You were too young to go to a club, so the rink was the next best thing. Roller rinks may have died out, but there are still quite a few left. And if you are so lucky to be in a city where they still have one, get ready for one hell of a party.


The “Robot Chicken on Wheels” tour, celebrating the release of “Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 2” dvd, started off with a bang in San Diego, as the crew from the number one hit Adult Swim show rolled into Comic-Con. Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green talked about the wild times they had at their first party on “Somewhere in Vegas” last week.

“We had the San Diego (rollergirls) at the Comic Con party and they were awesome. We at one point formed a chain of at least thirty people,” Green recalled. “If you go to youtube and look up ‘Robot Chicken skate party’ you can see BoBo Fett on skates, and a biker scout circle around a slave Leia. That just happen to happen at our party and I got it on video. It’s crazy.”


Seth Green, who brings backs the 80’s every week on his show, decided to get serious about the skating, and did something that we all would have loved to do during the our childhoods.

“My girlfriend made our own skates out of sneakers and we will be wearing them the entire tour,” Green admitted. “(We) drilled a hole and mounted the truck directly into the sole. Like we are f—ing around.”

“We used the Nike website,, where you can design your own shoes and we designed our own shoes and ordered all the stuff for the skates.”

To listen to more of Seth Green’s interview, including his competing on “Monday Night Raw”, how Robot Chicken got started, and what happened when George Lucas gave them a call, go to:

To see pictures, photos, and find out when “The Robot Chicken on Tour” will be hitting a town near you, go to:


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