Terri Nunn – Idol Worshipping


Each rock star has their idols. It’s the rare opportunity, however for them to get to meet one. For Terri Nunn, she got to meet all three.

One a recent episode of “Somewhere in Vegas” Terri Nunn, lead singer of Berlin, talked about her influences and told the host MarQ that three women have influenced her music, Stevie Nicks, Grace Slick, and Ann Wilson. After being asked of she had meet them, Nunn said she has met all three. A few years ago, Nunn was working an animal rights benefit when she got the opportunity to meet Grace Slick.

“She was there because her daughter was hosting the show,” Nunn remembers. “I begged someone to introduce me to her. And when I went up to her she said, I’ll never forget this the rest of my life, ‘Wow bitch you can sing.” I basically said ‘wah da wah dah ah wah’ which was supposed to mean ‘You changed my life. I love you.” But it don’t come out like anything but a complete mess. I was speechless.”

However, Nunn was able to talk in complete sentences to another one of her idols, Ann Wilson of Heart, at a concert near Seattle. Nunn soon realize that Ann and herself are more alike than she thought.

”She and I had a lot in common. because we both adopted kids and her kids do travel with them,” Nunn explained. “She was telling me how they do it with the buses and that whole thing. So we had a lot to talk about. She’s a very powerful woman.”

To hear more from Terri Nuun, including being runner-up for Princess Leah, working with William Shatner, and the story behind “Take my Breath Away,” listen here:



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