Crossing Paths with The Little Couple

Bill and Dr. Jen Klein - The Happy Little Couple

Bill and Dr. Jenn Klein - The Happy Little Couple

Sometimes a first impression doesn’t stick. It took Bill Klein 18 years to make a second one.

On “Somewhere in Vegas” on Blog Talk Radio, Bill and Dr. Jen Klein from TLC’s “The Little Couple” talked about their current married life and opening their unique lives to the world. Although they met online several years ago, Bill remembers he had met Jen when they both were in the hospital in their tweens. Jen didn’t remember their first meeting, but talked about how Bill remembers their first meeting.

“Bill says he remembers me when we were about 12 years old,” Jen stated. “He was in the hospital for physical therapy, so he was doing a little bit better than me, I was there for surgery. He says he came into my room, I kinda blew him off, got a little sick to my stomach, I threw up and he left.”

Bill did get a second chance eighteen years later when Bill found Jen on an internet website. According to Bill, however, it took a little while Jen to come around the second time.

“I wrote to her, and she didn’t write back,” Bill said. “She wrote back to me a couple of months later and of course I jumped all over that e-mail. I said hi. Jennifer is an absolutely awesome and pretty girl. So I took advantage of someone writing to me like that and has a personality like she does.”

“A couple of months chatting on the phone and I just had to go fly and see her, so I hopped a flight to Pittsburgh, and I was commuting ever since.”

To hear more from Bill and Dr. Jen Klein, including their opinions on children, moving to Houston, being in front of the camera, and Bill opinion on the Jon and Kate situation, listen by going to:

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2 comments on “Crossing Paths with The Little Couple

  1. Geachte Jenn,

    Ik heb je van t.v gezien,wat knap van jou!
    Ik ben doof en mijn licht handicap benen.
    Ik werk als speciaal interieur in het huis en in de boot en enz.
    Ik kom uit Nederland (Holland).
    Hoop hoor je van me

    Groeten Erwin

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