Eddie Money is Still Money!


To say Eddie Money is busiest musician in the business is an understatement. With a new musical coming out, touring all summer, and being in the studio recording new tracks for two new albums, Eddie has no time for rest. But he did have time to reflect on the music scene in a phone interview on “Somewhere in Vegas”. Money admits that times have changed when it comes to music, but likes the way rap has progressed.

“If you listen to black music, the lyrics and the poetry, it’s really amazing,” Money comments. “It’s really got a deep message and these kids are saying a lot. I’m not really into rap that much but it’s a vehicle that can teach people about society. People like Snoop Dogg who has something to say.”

Money said he has a lot of respect for Snoop Dogg, but gave him an interesting challenege.

“I’d like to see Snoop Dogg do the star spangled banner,” Money went on to say. “To me if you are a singer, do ‘land of the free home of the brave’ and get up there and do it.”

Money just turned 60 years old this past March, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t hip anymore. In the digital age, Money’s music has spread and he sees younger fans all over the country when he tours.

“The biggest fraternity song is ‘Take me Home Tonight,'” Eddie explained.” Everyone knew ‘Shaken’ because it was on Guitar Hero. Grand Theft Auto – ‘Two Tickets to Paradise” is on that. To see a little seven year old girl sing ‘Take me Home Tonight’, it makes you feel great. It’s like me doing “Hound Dog” or “Don’t Be Cruel” by Elvis Presley. It’s like ‘Wow these kids know my stuff.'”

Money does his best to give back to the younger generation as well.

“I did a songwriting sessions in Five Towns (University) and the kids were really captivated because I have something to say about songwriting,” Eddie stated. “I’ve got a lot to share with people who want to get into the music business. Whether it be the technical end of things as a roadie, as a singer/songwriter, as a guitar player, it doesn’t make any difference.”

To hear more of Eddie Money’s interview, including his favorite current band; what songs are going to be on his new albums; how his daughter Jesse and his son are following in his footsteps, and more about his upcoming musical – go here:

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