Twlight Fans Freak Over Free Radio Comments


Some people take words seriously, but sometimes you have to consider the source…

Rachelle Lefevre Under Fire

Rachelle Lefevre Under Fire

VH1’s Free Radio recently had Twilight star Rachelle LeFevre on the show and Lance Krall, in his character on the show, said of Rachelle, “You are famous for being in ‘Twilight.’ That’s embarrassing.”

Lance aka "Moron in the Morning" Dumps on "Twilight"

Lance goes on to argue with LeFevre about the blockbuster film, saying of writer Stephenie Meyer “She took (the vampire genre) to the toilet and crapped on it.”

There was a huge backlash from “Twilight” fans according to Brian Huskey, who plays “James the Station manager” on “Free Radio,” in an interview on the “Somewhere in Vegas” podcast.

“Apparently all these avid “Twilight” fans were like ‘No that Lance guy’s a jerk! What’s he saying’,” Huskey said in his interview. “The chat boards were exploding with teenage sensitivity.”

Sarah Baker and Brian Huskey from VH1's "Free Radio"

But Sarah Baker, who ironically enough plays a character named “Emo Sarah” on the show tells “Somewhere in Vegas” that the fans needs to understand who are saying the words.

“It was taken totally out of context for them because the didn’t know what the premise of the show was,” states Baker. “So all they understood was this poor woman (LeFevre) had been invited on the show and then the host completely made fun of and reticules ‘Twlight’ and offered up idiotic movies like ‘Blackula’ that he likes that he thinks are the best vampire movies.”

Baker continues to explain, “Seeing it out of context, they (The ‘Twilight’ Fans) didn’t realize he plays the fool and is suppose to be the ‘Moron in the Morning’. So they got really mad about this.”

To hear the complete interview, including stories about several celebrities plus a preview of upcoming “Free Radio” episodes, Listen here:

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