Lance Krall – International Man of Mystery


There’s a man who leads a life of danger. He can portray many characters and has a black belt in tae kwon do. Plus he can easily offend celebrities with one simple sentence.

Lance Krall was on “Somewhere in Vegas” this week, talking about the new season of “Free Radio” on VH1 and talked about how playing different characters is in his blood.

“My mom’s father was an ambassador to the Soviet Union in Vietnam and a big time communist,” Krall said in the interview. “(My mom’s) family aside from her father and her oldest brother were fighting for democracy in South Vietnam. So whenever he wanted to visit his family; because if he would have gotten caught he would have been executed or put in jail; he would dress like a peasant and go into this character.

“He would have all these characters to pull off different people, because everyone knew who he was – he was high in power in North Vietnam,” Krall Continued. “So he had to pull off a character to visit his family clandestinely at night time. So my mom says that’s where I get it from. But he did it for his life and I just do it for a few bucks.”

Listen to the complete interview with Lance and his “Free Radio” co-host Anna Vocino by clicking the link below…

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