Pussycat Dolls and Alanis Morissette Give Tribute to “The Dan Band”


What does Briney Spears, Christina Aguilera, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Wilson Phillips, and Beyonce all have in common? One man, Dan Finnerty. The lead singer of The Dan Band stopped by “Somewhere in Vegas” to talk about their current success and their busy summer. What has been overwhelming about their success, according to Finnerty, is the reaction from the artist they tribute.

“The Pussy Cat Dolls have been great sports,” Finnerty commented. “Nicole Scherzinger did the video this Christmas called ‘Please Don’t Bomb Anyone this Holiday’… Nicole showed up at our Christmas show and did “‘Don’t Cha” with us and that was really funny.”

But that wasn’t the only female artist he had collaborated with post tribute.

Alanis Morissette invited us to sing ‘You Outta Know’ at the House of Blues a couple of years ago. Which is kinda funny because that is the holy grail of Alanais Morrssette songs,” Finnerty continued.

“I thought for sure her audience was gonna kill us after we came out and started to sing ‘You Outta Know’ – the song half the audience waited the whole show to hear. But here comes these three fat white guys singing it. Then Alanis came on and kicked us off stage. It was pretty funny. ”

Finnerty announced during the show that a scripted web series is in the works about the band, as well as an upcoming appearance in the film “The Hangover” during the summer. The Dan Band will also be doing a US tour in the fall.

To hear more, including working with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and McG plus why we shouldn’t expect a live album to come out anytime soon, listen to the complete interview @:


The Dan Band is performing at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood over the next few months. Go to http://www.thedanband.com for more information.

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