Black Violin – Alicia Keys Down to Earth, P Diddy Perfectionist

In a recent interview on ‘Somewhere in Vegas” on Blog Talk Radio, hip hop violinists Black Violin talked about there career and working their way up the music scene. Along the was they met up with a few influential people.

Black Violin performed with Alicia Keys at the “Billboard Music Awards” back in 2003, and said of the talented singer/songwriter….

“She gave us insight on how to be a superstar,” said Kev Marcus. “You’d think after selling 13 million album in that point of her career she wouldn’t be that cool, that open, and that down to earth. Most superstars are untouchable, but she wasn’t like that. It was a great first glimpse of the music industry to see what a true professional is.”

Black Violin also go the chance to work with another great superstar P. Diddy on the NFL 2007 season kickoff.

“Diddy is a perfectionist,” Marcus commented. “Diddy is cool, he was down to earth, but  he wants it perfect every time. You gotta respect that.”

Listen to the complete interview with Black Violin @:

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